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Botanical and Beyond

Botanical and Beyond is a social, collaborative group of amateur artists and makers who meet fortnightly on Saturdays to share and develop their work independently.

Please contact the course administrator directly for more details;


Would your
group like to use number6?


Life Drawing

number6 hosts a Life Drawing workshop, taking place once a month on a Sunday, from 10am to 4pm.

The workshop is organised by a local group and does not have a tutor. The group welcomes new participants, whether beginners or experienced artists.

Further information can be obtained from:


Bound Together

Bound Together is a group of experienced bookmakers who meet monthly at number6, having completed courses tutored by Joan Newall at number6 in the past.



Book Making

Book making workshops with Joan Newall have returned to number6.

Please contact Joan directly for more details.


Clay Paper Scissors

Clay Paper Scissors provide a range of creative art classes for children aged 4 to 14 years. Classes take place in the week for Home Educated children, at weekends and in the school holidays!

All classes must be booked in advance. 

To find out more please go to:


Wednesday Art Group

The Wednesday Art Group is an independent group of professional and amateur painters and print makers who come together every Wednesday morning during term time to develop their own work without a tutor. 


Would your group like to use number6?

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